Why Does My Baby Cry In Her Sleep?

A baby’s cry can mean different things to different parents.

Sleep is a time when we are relaxed, yet it’s also a time when our babies cry. Why is that?

There is no doubt that sleeping is the best time for babies, but if you don’t want to wake up your baby in the middle of the night, then you need to understand why she is crying.

Babies are naturally active during the day, but as they grow older, they become quieter. This is because they start to understand what their parents want them to do. They start to recognize different sounds. They start to talk. This makes them less active.

So, they will cry when they are tired and need to go to sleep. It’s okay to let them cry.

But it is hard to tell when your baby is crying due to hunger, pain, or other reasons. You can try to find out the reason through your breast or bottle feed. But you can’t know the exact reason until your baby cries out loud.

It is very common for babies to cry out loud in the middle of the night. But why does your baby cry in her sleep?

Sleep is a blessing for all, but it is not for everyone. If your baby is sleeping all the time, then it means that she is tired and needs to rest.

Most of the time, babies sleep during the day and sleep at the night. Some babies don’t have any problem with their sleeping.

But if your baby is not sleeping well and crying a lot the night, then you need to check the reason behind it. Here are some possible reasons.

  1. Your baby is hungry

Your baby may be crying due to hunger. You need to feed your baby every 2 to 3 hours. If your baby is crying due to hunger, then you need to feed her immediately.

Babies don’t cry for no reason. They cry because they are hungry. There are different kinds of foods that babies love. For instance, they love milk, cereals, vegetables, etc.

So, if your baby is crying for food, then you need to feed her immediately. She needs to drink her bottle every 2 to 3 hours. If you don’t give her food, she will continue to cry. If you give her a bottle, she will calm down after a while.

  1. Pain

If your baby is crying due to pain, then you need to check the reason. Try to change the position of your baby. If you find the reason, then you can stop the pain.

Babies often cry when they are having trouble breathing. This can be because of a cold or because of some other problem. If you notice that your baby is crying, you should first try to calm him down.

Then, you should move him to another room or put him in another room. If he is still crying, then you should take him to the doctor

  1. Fear

If your baby is crying due to fear, then you need to calm down your baby. You can touch your baby gently and sing a song.

Babies love to be held and touched. You need to hold your baby and play with him. He will feel better once he sees that you are trying to make him feel better. You can sing to your baby a song that makes him feel good.

You can also put a warm towel on his head to make him feel more comfortable. If your baby is still crying, then you should call a doctor.

  1. Bad dreams

If your baby is crying due to bad dreams, then you need to talk to your doctor. It is a common problem for newborns and their parents.

It’s natural for babies to have nightmares and bad dreams. However, you need to pay attention to these things.

These are indications that your baby is getting sick. If your baby cries or screams due to bad dreams, then you should bring him or her to your doctor immediately. You should always talk to your doctor about your child’s health problems. It is the right thing to do. Your baby’s health is very important. You should not ignore this problem.

  1. Cough

Coughing is a common problem among babies. They cry due to it. If your baby is coughing in the middle of the night, then you need to take care of it.

If you are dealing with a coughing baby, you need to make sure that he or she isn’t getting sick. You should also make sure that the baby is not allergic to anything.

If you are not sure if your baby is allergic to anything, then you should talk to your doctor about it. Your baby can have a cold or the flu. If this happens, then you should take your baby to the doctor. Your doctor can help you to find out what is causing your baby to cough.

  1. Cold

Babies are cold at the beginning of the day. They cry due to it. If your baby is crying due to a cold, then you can wrap her with a warm blanket and cover her with the quilt.

To keep your baby warm, you can put her into a warm bathtub filled with warm water. If you don’t have a warm bathtub, you can use a hot water bottle to keep your baby warm.

You can put a hot water bottle on her back and one on her bottom. Keep an eye on her while she is sleeping. If you notice that she is too warm, then you can turn down the heat. Make sure that you check on your baby every hour or so.


The above-mentioned tips are the best to stop the crying in the sleep of your baby. Try to follow the tips and you will get a peaceful sleep for your baby.

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